Training Courses

Since the end of 2003, Fundación Hercesa has its own training centre, which is a Collaborating Centre of the Public Employment Services of Castile – La Mancha (PESCM). In 2006, this collaborating centre becomes part of the First Network of Centres of Excellence for Employment Training and was proclaimed as the only Centre in the region of Guadalajara.

This recognition is based on the principles of Total Quality in the management of resources, Training Quality, the Training Centre’s facilities, as well as the accessibility and quality of professionals, regarding the training activities they teach and the employability results achieved.

The Centre has an area of 600 m2 of which 200 m2 are used for the secretary's office, classroom, teachers' quarters, tutors' rooms, miscellaneous uses, etc., and the remaining 400 m2 are occupied by the Professional Apprentices Workshop in which different courses regarding construction are given.

The following courses were given in the Training Centre Fundación Hercesa, in collaboration with the Public Employment Office of Castilla La Mancha (SEPECAM): 

  • Builder (1st part).
  • Builder (2nd part).
  • Floor and wall tiling.
  • Wall painter.
  • Plasterboard and other panel fitter.
  • Internet nework.
  • Computer course user level.
  • Real Estate Management.
  • Computing Alphabetize training: Internet network.
  • Comupting Alphabetize training: Computer use and Internet network.
  • Training and development specialist.
  • Fitter manager.
The Training Center has given more than 17100 teaching hours divided into the 50 training actions that have so far been developed and those that have benefited the nearly 799 students who have enjoyed our facilities.

We intend that our students receive the highest professional qualifications for them to have the opportunity to access a job in one of the companies of Hercesa´s suppliers or any other company in the sector.

Fundación Hercesa contributes to the professionalization of trades in the construction sector by training in specializations such as painter, tiler, and construction workers. Those students who complete the hours of the different courses and the corresponding tests can also obtain the certificate of "Proof of use of specialty”, and stand for national tests of Certificate of proficiency that students can use as an official recognition of their training and education of each trade in question.