Fundación Hercesa is an organization whose main objective is to achieve social and labor integration through equal opportunities and integration activities. To achieve this end, Fundación Hercesa will be carrying out the following projects: 

1 Collaboration with other foundations, associations, organizations or other companies whose purposes are similar to those of Fundación Hercesa. .

2 Organization of conventions, conferences, seminars, congresses and training and recycling courses, with a view to improving the development, qualification, learning and professional certification  of the above-referred population sectors.

3 Performing of all necessary or advisable events for promoting and developing labor-insertion programs..

4 Calls, organization of competitions and awards for architects, to reward and encourage values such as rigor, inventiveness and the search for new architectural solutions.

5 Exhibition of the architectural works for disclosure to the College of Architects and public in general..

6 Establishing all kinds of institutional relations or agreements with entities or companies, both public and private, for the purpose of fostering mechanisms for providing training and employment.

The development of the aims of the Fundación Hercesa is carried out through he management of own centers and cooperation agreements with Public Administrations, Institutions and Organizations, as well as calls for architectural competitions.