More than 40 years fulfilling commitments.

Hercesa has developed its real estate activity in the residential, industrial and services sectors in Spain but this development has also been international in 2004. The more than 11,000 housings delivered, the customer-oriented policy, and offering the best product at the best price, certify the experience of this company during its 40 years of business excellence. 

Currently, its portfolio has about 30,000 developing housings in Spain, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Poland, Morocco, Ecuador, Mexico and Panama. 

Hercesa acts as a project manager, so that it controls each and every stage of projects, ensuring quality in every one of them. The fact that these works are focused towards time management and optimization requires a thorough knowledge of the characteristics of the real estate sectors.

The highly-experienced workforce of Hercesa, which consists of the highest qualified professionals, keeps an exhaustive monitoring in all its promotions´ implementation stages, from the architectural design to final deliver of housings, which has turned it into a benchmark within the real estate sector and has given it a well-deserved renown among its clients by fulfilling its commitments. 

The philosophy of Hercesa is comprised in the 10 points that make it different from other real estate developers: company credentials, fulfillment of commitments, pays attention to the clients´ needs with professionals at their service, optimization of space, technology and security at home, economic guarantee, universal quality, social commitment and casas|con|sentido (something like well-thought homes).

Hercesa uses as slogan "casas|con|sentido" (well-thought homes), which defines the Company's work philosophy, as well as its capacity for adaptation under any scenario. This slogan represents the aim of Hercesa to create ideally designed homes, using both common sense and sensibility, in order to achieve the best possible product for its clients.

Hercesa's commitment to society is developed through Fundación Hercesa, which is focused on the integration of young people, deprived population and people with difficulties in accessing the labor market, thanks to training programs to qualify them professionally.   

    Hercesa Inmobiliaria in 60 seconds:

  • Residential
  • Industrial and Logistics
  • Commercial and Services
  • Patrimonial


Nationally and Internationally:

Spain: Real estate development in Madrid, Castile – La Mancha, Catalonia, Valencia and Andalusia..

Internationally: Currently, Hercesa is developing new promotions in Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Polonia, Morocco, Panama, Ecuador and Mexico.

Board of Directors

  • Juan José Cercadillo García.
  • Javier Solano Rodríguez.
  • Eladio Catalán Mínguez.