Corporate Social Responsibility

Fundación Hercesa

Fundación Hercesa represents Hercesa's commitment to society, the way to assume its responsibility in social terms and contribute to its development and welfare. The aim of this Fundation, which was established in 2001, is to help people who are unable to find a job to have the opportunity of being trained and becoming qualified so that they can find a job.

Fundación Hercesa operates throughout all of Spain, and is classified and registered as Assistance Foundation at the Education, Social Policy and Sports Ministry of the General Technical Secretary of the Ministry of Education.

Fundación Hercesa has an Educational Centre established in 2003, which is a Collaborating Centre of the Public Employment Services of Castile – La Mancha (PESCM). In 2006, the centre formed part of the first network of Centres of Excellence for Employment Training and was proclaimed as a unique Centre in Guadalajara and its provinces.

Fundación Hercesa is a charity organization whose main objectives are:
  • Social integration through the promotion and the development of training and work programs focused on qualifying and capacitating for employment those marginalized population segments and collectives who have difficulties to gain access to the labor market, as well as active workers whether in Spain or in other countries within the Framework of the Cooperation for the Development and in those countries where Hercesa Inmobiliaria, S.A. develops its business activities.

  • Impulse and point out the proposals of young architects which instigate lines of investigation for establishing a reflection and innovation source regarding construction, its transformation and development, depending on the social, technological and sustainable aspects..